We provide BYMG™ bespoke vector solutions. BYMG™ KascheiPlasmid™ are easily second-stringered for orthodox plasmids, minicircles, doggy bones, etc., for use with all major sanative vector groups. The KascheiPlasmid™ backbone has unfathomed and unanticipated salutary effects on performance (expression levels and temporal property). The KascheiPlasmid™ is in real time procurable for manipulation.


The BYMG™ DNA library utility proffer a potent and fruitful technique for protein engineering and unmediated evolution research. We are qualified of devising and fabricating, an extensive, sweeping pasture of synthetic DNA libraries such as alanine audit library, site permeating library, fortuitous factitious library, motile locum tenens library to satiate the sine qua non of investigators.


BYMG™ Metagenomics sways sequential nascency sequencing to promptly assess the manifoldness of microbial colony and decipher the involvement of subcomponent species. We offer a suite of BYMG™ metagenomics results peripatetic from marked assays (26G for prokaryotes and RWB9 for fungi) to exclusive genome evaluation.